What would our lives look like if once a week we shared a simple moment of gratitude with one another? Would we be more thankful—perhaps more appreciative—maybe change a moment or a day of another? Might we change our own happiness or our own ability to resonate at a higher happiness capacity? Might we be able to do this with little to no effort?

I think so.  Not because I have magic theories, formulas or suggestions—but because I have life and with that life comes daily experiences where we learn from others and they learn from us.  It resembles what I simply refer to as a “bucket” theory – or, with every interaction you have you have the ability to add, equal and/or detract from someone else’s bucket.  By staying consciously aware of the impact you have on others’ buckets, you can choose to become a positive influence and reciprocally, you open yourself up to more positive interactions.

For instance, today a friend reached out to let me know that she had upgraded her phone.  In the process of upgrading, a glitch had occurred in her contacts list.  When she opened her new phone, there was only one contact present—in her words, you were the only one who made the jump, hanging out there all alone.  And then, as innocently as could be, she then wrote damned nice of you to join me!

In that space, reading those words, I felt myself soften.  In fact, my day was progressing right along and until I read those words and felt my body relax, I hadn’t even been aware that I was tense!  It was like all the stresses of the day had melted and in one simple sentence, I was reminded how precious all of our contacts around the universe are.  It seems that we can become so caught up in the many other things that occupy our time, that we may overlook the simple and everyday generosities that others offer us—and that we have the ability to offer them.  What would life look like if we all stopped and consciously practiced giving – not with monetary presents or obligatory Holiday celebrations—but rather, with everyday gratuity and appreciation.  Thank you!

What if each of us sent just one act of simple gratitude into the world each day?  Can you imagine the endless possibilities?

To each of you—near and far—you are appreciated!

And with that, I’d like to invite you to challenge yourself in being mindful of not just your own bucket but others’ buckets too and, to make a choice about the impact you’d like to have on theirs.