Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to share in a group ride in a nearby town.  As we traveled through the rolling hills we chatted about the things each of us had to accomplish.  We all had a laundry list of things to do, events to prepare for, clients to land, jobs to pursue – none of which was anything less than major decisions that changed lives.  As we huffed up one of the larger hills, my friend enthusiastically listed her items and then transitioned to “I could then….and then….and then…”.  In a couple of minutes she had jammed her Monday with to do’s, to completes and to investigates.  As we rolled up to a stop sign we watched a family with a newborn in a stroller pick leftover peanuts from the piles missed by the harvester.  In a moment of silence I was struck by the amazing fall colors and the beauty of the countryside we shared.  In that moment, I exclaimed to my friend, “and we could enjoy this particular moment that we are in.”

We often become caught up in what should happen, what needs to happen, where we need to be, etc….thoughts that propel us into the future and prevent us from enjoying the very moment we are in.  We live hectic lives – frequently trying to fit more items in the day than what we actually have the time to do,draining our energy and hoping that sleep recharges us enough to finish what didn’t get completed yesterday and attack today’s new items.  Rarely do we stop to think about the exact moment that we are in, what we could observe, learn and improve in that moment.  In other words, we sort of rob ourselves of that moment’s growth opportunity and in doing so, we are apt to repeat past mistakes, patterns and conflicts.  We rob ourselves of the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves that we can be!

Have a strong self!  Kick it into gear by reminding your strong self that you are exactly where you should be at this very moment!