Andrea Lewis’s LiveAlive!!! approach helps successful professionals discover, define, and deploy strategies to lead more fulfilled and passionate lives. She taps into energy sources and strengths to empower self-awareness and inspire conscious action. Clients learn to make decisions that lead to goal attainment, prosperity, and happiness. Of course, Andrea is also your safest accountability partner, your trusted confidant, and your biggest fan!

Small to mid-size businesses with a corporate culture that values investment in its employees will see leadership skills increase ten-fold. Teams increase individual and collective skills to catapult performance and tap into unrealized potential. This creates a more engaged corporate culture and happier and more productive teams.

Professional coaching also involves personal coaching. The process organically weaves into personal aspects of people’s lives. In work and in life, the goal is for clients to move forward, to engage in the world. When people experience passion and engagement, productivity increases and creativity flourishes. We like to say that our clients lead enriched lives that transition from the board room to the playground.

Our initial assessments are a great starting point for understanding organizational leadership and creating a blueprint for how company culture drives performance in your business.

You will take away:

  • A clear definition of how corporate culture is impacting your results
  • An assessment of performance barriers in your organization
  • An identification of leadership gaps and specific strategies leaders can take to create an organizational culture that drives performance, enhances leadership, and values a work/life balance

For an organization already committed to changing corporate culture, we can play one or more of the following roles:

  • Identifing and assessment of your ideal corporate culture
  • Benchmarking existing cultural norms and gaps between the current and ideal visions
  • Fostering urgency and buy-in for culture change among the top team, including linking to a clear vision and strategy
  • Defining behavioral changes that align with change, innovation, and growth
  • Building a specific project plan for culture change based on proven methodology
  • Training a cadre of internal change agents/culture champions to become role models for change, adaptability, and innovation