We live in an era full of constant demands on our time.  Work schedules are full of meetings, deadlines, travel and appointments while non-work life is filled with being timely and dependable for family, children, pets and home while also trying to squeeze in some time for our own paths of development and growth.  We work later, get up earlier and try to carve out a little calendar time to take care of ourselves – and in the chaos find ourselves running so quickly from one thing to the next that we forget how we even got to our destination.  Have you been there?  Pulled up somewhere and not remembered the roads you traveled?  What you saw?  The new tick your engine was making?  Or even why you made that stop to begin with?  That space of distraction, or unfocused engagement, is mindlessness.  Mindlessness decreases our productivity and our alive engagement in the world.  Catapult your focused growth opportunities by starting an OPAL mindset today!

Opportunity – Focused growth can’t happen if you’re stuck in the past!  GROWTH is about moving forward.  Take the time to reflect on the process and then move to opportunity – what if,  what can I imagine and what could be.

Process – Learning means taking the time to understand experiences.  And, focused growth can’t happen if we don’t take the time to process what went well, what could have gone better and how WE could effect a different outcome.  By taking the time to reflect, we already have a strategy for doing it better next time and that moves us forward.

Action – Take action in a “play all out” mindset.  Start by choosing one activity, such as walking into a meeting or into your home after a long day, and decide that you will play all out in that experience.  How does that change your energy and your experience?  Build to three activities a week…then five…the one per day.  Before long, you’ll be a champion at growth action!

Lead – Make a decision that you will lead life rather than being led by life.  This means that you move from a state of reacting to a state of acting – which means that YOU are leading your life rather than reacting to your life!  You become the change agent for creating what you want – at work and in life.