Improve your life, relationships or career through speaking wisely

As a professional and personal development coach, I am often hired by an organization to help a high potential employee reach a level where they can be promoted. More often than not, what is currently holding them back is ineffective or under developed communication skills. Whether it’s written or oral, how we speak (or don’t speak) is crucial in how others perceive us. Top executives promote and hire people for their job skills while understanding that employees represent the company at all levels. From sales calls to water cooler chats, learning to speak wisely is instrumental in your ability to be hired and advanced.

Imagine receiving an email from someone promoting a product or service and having it riddled with typos and incomplete thoughts. What would go through your mind? Would you delete the email, would you be inclined to hire them or would it jeopardize their credibility? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are the norm. What we say and how we say it represents the quality of a product or service and the person speaking.

As one who strives for speaking wisely in all facets of life, I was particularly struck by the enormous amounts of poor business emails I received during the COVID-19 quarantine. It wasn’t uncommon in our house to receive multiple emails a day from businesses striving to “stay in touch”. As I sifted through my daily intake of emails, texts and voice messages I noticed how many poor examples of speaking wisely were sent and each time I found myself just deleting them. What made them stand out even more was that I consistently received emails from one business that not only impressed me; it also made me feel good. What was it about those particular emails? Well, first of all there were no distracting typos, incomplete thoughts or sales pitches. Secondly, there was a very transparent and compassionate message that felt 100% authentic. The following are things that this company nailed in their messages:

  • Synergy between their business and ME rather than their service
  • Logical flow and lack of typos
  • Consistent voice
  • Authenticity in caring about their clientele

Speaking wisely includes focusing on the recipient first without being invasive with a sale. It’s about creating an authentic connection with the recipient and trusting that if you are genuine and honest, business will grow as your connections grow. You want to leave them feeling impressed, not questioning your credibility.

So, if you’re looking to improve your life, relationships or career, let’s start working on speaking wisely with our 4 week “Jump Start Effective Communication” program for $750 that will make you stand out and be impressive.