Have you ever participated in a “pay it forward” activity?  Maybe the car in front of you purchased your morning coffee and then you turned around and made a donation to the car behind you.  If so, then you can connect with the wonderful feelings of generosity when we receive something as well as the feeling of being altruistic.  These activities aren’t just for those who believe in Karma.  In fact, individuals and businesses can have powerful and lasting effects by giving back.  Giving back, or leading with generosity, makes us feel more engaged and alive and raises the energy of those around us.  Whether it’s a corporate wide initiative to raise money for a cause or an everyday gesture, such as buying coffee, being generous makes us live longer and happier lives.

This week, LiveAlive participants embark upon our own giving back activity – by riding 165 miles from Miami to Key West to support clinics in FL that assist those living with AIDS.  We’ve gathered riders, trained, raised funds and now, as we put the final items into our bags and wrap up last minute trip details, we realized that our followers too could benefit from the wonderful feelings of leading by giving back.  We’ve compiled this list of everyday things you might consider engaging in to raise the energy and awareness everyone around you.

  • Spontaneously choose a table at lunch today and pick up the tab.
  • Randomly compliment someone.
  • Purchase coffee for the person behind you.
  • Say “Hello” and hold the door open for someone.
  • Send a message to someone you know telling them one thing you appreciate about them.
  • Ask a co-worker if they need help with anything.
  • Notice someone’s name tag and then use their name when saying “Thank you”.
  • Offer to take your neighbor’s dog on your nightly walk.
  • Pick up an extra food item and donate it to the Thanksgiving box on your way out the grocery store.

Kick your leadership off today with at least two acts of generosity and then take note of how your energy as well as the energy of those around you is raised!