Giving is rewarding.  Giving gifts is rewarding too.  No doubt about either of those statements.  For some however, gifting may be very uncomfortable.  What happens when we feel times of low creativity or when we just cannot figure out something to offer when giving is expected?  Do we find ourselves forcing a gift – just trying to find something that will work?  How often do we end up purchasing something last minute, without a lot of thought, because we realize we have received something while we don’t have something to offer in return?  I sure have.  I’ve dashed into a mall and purchased a tin of popcorn, scurried into the grocery for a last minute ITunes gift card and driven through Starbucks because I couldn’t think of much else to do.  There’s also the opening of gifts.  For introverts, sitting around a room full of people opening gifts  may create discomfort or even anxiety.

This year I’m doing it differently.  I’m thinking outside the box – or more precisely, in the space between boxes.  As a coach, I’m often promoting the advantages of creating win-win scenarios, about the positive benefits of seeing the world through a lens of opportunity and about the benefits of sustained engagement.  Those things truly do lead us to live happier and more prosperous lives. As I reflect over the last several weeks and how I’ve struggled to unite that perfect gift with the people on my list, I kept asking myself “where’s the opportunity here?” Where’s the opportunity to do things differently, to not feel so pressured and to still participate in this holiday tradition?

This morning, a solution occurred to me and I’ve decided to implement it.  This is how it works!

52 times (roughly once a week) for the next year, I am going to consciously and thoughtfully offer a gift to someone.  I may know the recipient or I may not.  It may be random and anonymous or it may be specific and personalized.  At its simplest level, it’s merely a win-win opportunity.  It’s an awful darn simple solution to what has otherwise caused years of discomfort around gift giving and receiving.

So, there you have it.  If you’d like to participate in this quasi experiment, let me know.  If you’d like to adopt this or if this inspires some other adaptation of gifting – please use, share and modify as you please.  And, as always, if gifting as you currently do it, lowers your energy in the word, how can you be part of a solution to do it differently?  How might you create your own LiveAlive!!!?

From Conscious Connections to you Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season!!