“The only way to build passion is to go out into the world and experience a lot of stuff,” said David Kelley, IDEO founder.

This past week I had another meeting with the company that is helping me develop my group coaching program and because we’re focused on creating a #LiveAlive community and organizational culture that rewards activity and engagement, we decided to hold our meeting at the office of a company that embodies this philosophy.

And, while our meeting went splendidly, I couldn’t help but notice how welcoming and interested employees were in what we were doing there. In fact, having coached and consulted in many businesses where people look through you or act burdened by your presence – this was literally 180 degrees from my previous experiences. Not only did people not ignore or look harshly at us for using their space, but they continually bopped in to see if they could help us and even went so far as to offer a tour of the facilities to better understand just how deep the organization buys-in to an active, engaging organizational culture.

Obviously, we already knew this about the company (after all, that’s why we picked the office), but to see the lengths this organization goes to enable each employee with every opportunity to pursue passions outside of work was just astonishing.

In a way, it was both inspiring and validating.

While doing research for my new program I spoke to many business owners and when we broached the topic of ‘culture of their organization’ things would frequently get tense. There was this sentiment that, “we do things how we do them, you know”.

One owner even told me that he wished he could hire more qualified applicants and that his current employees had more energy – but, “we’re not Google,” he said. Once this program launches, he’ll be first on my list of calls.

You don’t have to be Google, a billion dollar company, or even techy to implement an active and engaging culture. If you don’t believe me, just ask your employees what they like to do for relaxation and provide them with some options – such as a few bikes to ride during lunch – and see how they respond.