You may be pretty happy in your career. You may have gotten to where you are “supposed” to be in life. But you may also wonder what else there is. What’s next and how do you get there?

Coaching not only improves your lifestyle; it improves your life. A coach is someone who comes at a problem from the outside. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know when you get there. In a coach you get a realist who sees opportunity and is your biggest cheerleader to help you define goals and direction. Think of a coach as a personal advisor for your life. And that advisor is trained in human development, human behavior, professional development and is a charismatic champion in fostering your ideal life. The end result is a life in balance and one that continues to move forward.

We start with a question like: “What would it look like if you had more energy, if you didn’t crawl into bed overwhelmed each night?” The LiveAlive!!! approach offers a lifeline that pulls a client out of the monotonous mundaneness of everyday life and offers a sort of “steroid shot” that helps catapult clients to the next level in their lives. We help find solutions that make clients feel lighter, more purposeful, more alive!

“Andrea’s involvement and coaching took my business to the next level. She showed me how to change my organization, Inner Banks Outfitters, and change my regular patterns. This had a snowball effect. By making small changes and succeeding, I was able to make bigger changes because I had the confidence to do that. Andrea helps you to see outside the box. She is very energetic and motivational. She’s always challenging you and pushing you in right direction, and this spills over into your private life as well. She is outstanding at what she does.”—Liane Harsh, owner of Inner Banks Outfitters

Team Alive

Does your team share ideas, contribute equally, and engage all stakeholders? Does it operate smoothly and efficiently? Is its output equal to or greater than its resource input? Does it create clear goals, identify crisp objectives, and implement accountability measures and benchmarks?

Team Alive approaches team building as a collaborative endeavor that benefits both the team members and the organization. A streamlined integration among facilitator, team, and organization maximizes team output and aligns output with organizational values.

Our group coaching program allows professionals to work individually with a coach to better articulate their vision and organizational needs while simultaneously constructing a strategy and custom program that can be implemented one level at a time.

Delivered in six two-hour sessions, Team Alive introduces each group to various assessments that establish a baseline for program success. Following individual debriefs, program outline, and introduction to program materials, each group will progress through four modules: learn, practice, master, and mentor.

1. Learn how to LiveAlive!!! The group will learn the principles behind LiveAlive!!! and work through leadership, team building, and communication exercises.

2. Practice is about the ability to be, do, and say. Group members first rehearse what they’ve learned and apply those skills to exercises designed to reinforce module 1.

3. Master employs more complex exercises in which skill sets become second nature. Teams begin to incorporate newly acquired knowledge to all areas of their personal and professional lives.

4. Mentor is the most important of the four modules because reciprocation determines return on investment. This module lasts two sessions and includes a retreat to spend some time giving back and helping others, which develops empathy and the ability to adapt to new situations.

“As a result, I also reached the next level of my life overall. Being engaged and fully alive in all aspects of life is the big takeaway of working with Andrea.”—VJ, Financial Industry

Lead Alive

So many small businesses flounder because they are just trying to stay afloat. They want to get to the next level but can’t get out of the quagmire of the day-to-day running of the business. Coaching helps clients see what the transition looks like. We offer a makeover that might involve the aesthetics of the space, streamlined practices and processes, or rethinking inventory or point of sale. The goal is to help clients who are flying by the seat of their pants to see a directed vision of the business and know the steps to get there.

Executive coaching provides many different levels of value to both the individuals involved and the organization as a whole. Through individualized and highly personalized one-on-one coaching, executives are empowered to dramatically increase their performance. A client who is a financial planner saw her business double in revenue. But it’s more than just the bottom line. Our clients rediscover their passions, hone talents, and move barriers to maximize potential and increase value to the organization, as well as increasing energy and engagement in all aspects of life.

Executive coaching benefits include:

  • Refined strategic alignment
  • Enriched perceptions of the senior executive
  • Team building
  • Increased sales, profitability, and employee engagement
  • Increased retention rates and decreased absences
  • Improved levels of trust and openness
  • Higher levels of innovation and implementation of employee suggestions
  • Improved performance across the organization
  • Improved capability of individuals to execute strategy
  • Better levels of customer service
  • Elevated job satisfaction and improved morale
  • More opportunities for collaboration and improved teamwork skills
  • Polished communication

“Andrea helped me adopt the leadership behaviors, self-awareness, and actions important for me to go to the next level.” BK, Financial Planner


Organizational Communication

Communication impacts your bottom line. Do your employees communicate their great ideas in a clear, succinct, and value-added way? Do your internal and external communications reflect your company’s mission? Do your employees’ communications mirror the organizational culture you are building?

Communication coaching addresses and hones:

  • Presentation skills
  • Keynote speaking
  • Public speaking
  • Conflict management
  • Value-driven messaging

“Andrea is an honest and inspirational Executive Coach who has helped me completely transform my relationship with my team and key co-workers. She accomplished this by bringing to the table an amazing personality that is a blend of intelligence, wit, insight, empathy, organizational savvy and objectivity, all qualities that I believe are imperative in a coach. Through her guidance and energizing quotes and videos, I have learned how to properly self reflect, work on strategies to alter my nonproductive behaviors and own my “stuff”. Andrea helped me navigate this process with no judgement, which allowed me to feel safe in sharing my true self. She walked alongside me, helping me to understand why I did the things I did and giving me tools to help me let go of what wasn’t working for me.”   In a nutshell, she honed my ability to recognize and embrace what worked for me. Though I have achieved a lot, I continue to work with Andrea because since our journey began, my life has been less stressful and more productive and joyful.”  —Yemi Bullen-McClain, Director of Product Development at The Clarke Group

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