The way we work continues to evolve and change. New research indicates that professionals will have more than 15 careers through their life and organizations actively work to attract and retain top talent while also maximizing worker performance. Work/life balance, flexible work schedules and collaborative work spaces continue to gain momentum in an effort to facilitate win-win scenarios for both companies and employees. Although working from home can be rewarding and exciting, it requires a different skillset than the structure of leaving home and going to work. Monopolize on your opportunities to work from home by implementing success strategies. Here are five starters to kick your success into gear!

  1. Take Stock of Your Circadian Rhythms. You probably already know when you most productively accomplish tasks. Are you most creative in the morning or as the day winds down? Are you a hop out of bed and tackle the day person or find yourself preferring to ease into the day and rev up later? Most people experience spaces in the day where they’re tired or have more difficulty with momentum. Take a few moments to think about your workday and make some notes about when your energy is highest and when it’s lower.
  1. Prepare a Functional Work Space. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to work and then spending half the day cleaning off a space to work in. Plan ahead. If you know that you’d like to work from home this Friday, designate some time the previous weekend to clearing the space that you plan to work in. If you already have a designated workspace, spend a little time freshening it up to optimize your enjoyment of the space and to facilitate increased creativity.
  1. Plan for Breaks. Let’s be real, part of the enjoyment of working from home is the ability to break when you want to and work when you want to. That means that you actually get a reprieve from the 8 to 6 structure that you’re used to. Take advantage of it! Whether it’s putting a load of laundry in, not showering until 10 or taking the dog for a mid day walk, plan on not working straight through your regular work hours.
  1. Organize and Prioritize. What are the things you need to accomplish on your work from home day? Jot those down and then compare them to your notes about your daily energy rhythms. You have a break from many workplace distractions so you can organize your time how you choose. Put things that require creativity into spaces in the day when you’re most creative. Put regular and familiar tasks into the time of day when your energy is low (or use that time to take the dog for a walk).
  1. Be Curious. Learning to work from home is a skillset and optimizing your flex-time productivity may take practice. Don’t worry, you are right where you need to be. Stay curious about what you’ve experienced, what worked well and what was challenging. Then, on your next work from home day, implement strategies to tweak your experience. Most importantly, enjoy the opportunity and challenge yourself to new experiences. By remaining curious, you’ll bypass the tendency to self-reprimand when things don’t go as perfectly as you might have imagined.

Implementing these starter tools will enhance your success and you may actually find that with a little forethought, you can get twice as much done in half the amount of time as you can in your company workspace! Enjoy and LiveAlive!!!

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